1. Practice handstands for ten minutes: kick up, handstand against wall, nose-to-wall handstand, partner-spotted handstand, freestanding handstand. Try to accumulate 3 full minutes in handstand. 2. Positional drills: the push jerk.

3. "Timewave Zero" In teams of two, 50 Strict chin-ups Run 800m 50 Push jerks Run 800m 50 Pull-ups Run 800m 50 Push jerks

Run together, divide reps evenly.

LIII: C2B pull-ups, press @ 135/93lbs LII: strict or band-assisted chin-ups and pull-ups as necessary (no kipping on bands), push jerk or push press @ 115/83lbs LI: four rounds not for time of run 400m, 10 pull-ups, 10 presses

Have fun!