Please arrive at least 30 minutes early (9:30am) to begin your warm-ups.

1. "5-3-1 Total"

Three attempts to establish a one repetition max (1RM) in the front squat, deadlift, bench press OR press (choose one).

Order of test is

  1. Front squat

  2. Press or bench press

  3. Deadlift

This is a variation on the classic CrossFit Total. Our new strength cycle will train the bench press and the press. Experience has taught us that trying to total both movements on the same day is too much. Pick the one you most want to improve and test that. You’ll repeat the test in about 12 weeks. For the movement you DON’T pick, when it comes up in programming, just follow the instructions provided for determining an estimated 1RM.

The whole process will take about two hours.

Be Smart. Have fun!