aarii We are thrilled to announce PVCF's Monthly Skill Series with Ari!! 9am on Sunday, January 10th in Northampton! The first one will cover: double unders!!!! Free to all members



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work

1. Row 500m Easy

2. Technique review: the barbell thruster. Should you use a barbell to thruster? 5 positions of the thruster.

3. “Anaerobic Lactic Endurance 1” 3 rounds of:


  • :60s Cal Row @85% effort
  • Rest 3 minutes
  • :60s Max Thrusters @85% effort
  • Rest 3 minutes

  Teams of 4:  One person rowing, one person doing thrusters, other athletes rest and rotate in. Score is total cals/total thrusters.

  LIII: 85/55 thrusters LII: 65/45 thrusters LI: scale weight and intensity as needed

4. Tabata Double Unders/Plank Mash-up 16 intervals of :20 sec work/:10 sec of rest. Alternating between DUs and Planks.

Have fun!