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⭐⭐REMINDER⭐⭐ New Saturday schedule: 8 am class, 9:30 class, 10:30 intro, 10:30-12 open gym, 12 o'clock class


1. Review as a group the elements of the Pre-Class Dynamic Warm-up (15 min)
2. Technique Review:
  • The DB Snatch
  • Renegade Man Breakers
(10 min)
3. ”Special Ops”
  • Tabata Dumbbell Snatch 50/35#
  • Rest 4 minutes
  • AMRAP 4 Renegade Man Breakers 35/20#
  • Rest 4 minutes
  • Tabata Air Squats
*The tabata format is 8 intervals of :20s of work/:10s of Rest equalling 4 minutes on the clock.
Score is total reps for each exercise.
LIII: as rx’d
LII: scale DB snatch and Renegade Man Breakers weight as appropriate. If you can not do strict push-ups then push up from your knees.
LI: Tabata DB Snatch: 8 reps or less per interval
5-7 Burpees instead of Renegade Man Breakers
Tabata Air Squats: 8 air squats or less per interval
Have fun!