Let's shine the PVCF spotlight, and sing praises of gratitude, to Coach Heather!

PVCF became even brighter in 2012 when Heather joined our Family. She always brings humor, insight, and incredible athleticism to all she does. Our members adore her, and truly appreciate all of the integrity and love she brings to each class.

Coach Heather graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and now she shall be transforming even more lives.

And so, while Heather will still be teaching at PVCF on Sundays (and possibly more in the Summer!), it is with poignant celebration that we wish Heather tremendous success on her next adventure!

Here's to YOU, Heather!

Saturday: regular schedule

Sunday (New Year’s Day!): no 8.00 a.m. class; otherwise, regular schedule!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.

2. “Waiting for the Ball to Drop” In teams of three:

  • 365 wallballs

Break wallballs up by “month”: that is, a set of 31, a set of 28, a set of 31, 30, etc. At the completion of each month, teams run 200m together. Here’s the catch: during wallballs, athletes switch out on every rep. Athlete A squat and tosses the ball to the target, then quickly steps out of the way so that Athlete B can catch the ball, squats and throws, then steps out so C can go, then it’s A again, etc. If the medicine ball touches the floor before the set is done, the whole team does 10 burpees.

LIII and LII: wallballs at 20/14lbs LI: Four rounds not for time of run 400m (or walk 200m), 10 wallballs or med ball front squats

Have fun, and Happy New Year!