Smile! Rope climbs are coming! Get your tall socks for tomorrow:) Thank you, PVCF athlete, Gabraelle Rebecca Washburn for your radiant climbing.



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Review as a group the elements of the Pre-class Dynamic Warm-up (10 min)

2. Technique Review: The Rope Climb (5 min)

3. Prep for workout by doing a few reps at each station with partner. (10 min)

4. “Chuckie” In teams of 2 For time:

10 Rope Climbs 100 Box Jumps 100 DB Snatch 100 Walking Lunges 100 Push Press 75/55 100 Burpees

(30 minute cutoff) Split reps evenly between athletes. One athlete works at a time.

LIII: legless rope climb, 30/24” box, 50/35 DB,1 arm KB front rack walking lunges 26/35, burpees over parallette LII:24/20” box, 35/20 DB weight, push press, plank climb as appropriate LI: 3 planks climbs 30 box jumps or step ups 30 DB Snatch 30 reverse lunges 30 push press 30 burpees Break up reps and rest as needed



Have fun!