claudiapistol3Claudia...doing pistols at 60.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Every :30 for ten minutes, do a Turkish get-up.

2. "Joffrey" Three cycles: AMRAP 3 team Prowler push AMRAP 1 max rep muscle cleans AMRAP 1 max push presses AMRAP 1 sit-ups

Team A starts outside with the Prowler pushes--one Prowler weighted for men, one for women. One point for every 10m. Team B starts inside with the deadlifts, moves on after one minute to the push presses, then after the another minute to the sit-ups. After three minutes, teams rest one minutes, and switch places.

Level III: 115/83lbs Level II: 75/55lbs Level I: scale weight as necessary, 10 cleans and push presses/min, 20 sit-ups

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