Pioneer Valley CrossFit will hold a Memorial Day Murph

Monday, May 29th 

Save the Date!




Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up F: Four rounds w/ empty barbell of 3 deadlifts, 3 power (or muscle) cleans, 3 front squats, 3 press, 3 push press, 3 push jerks. (10 min)

2. Press 5RM Push Press 3RM

Work up to a 5RM Press for the day. Then work up to a 3RM Push Press. (25 min)

3. “Jareth” AMRAP 10

9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups 18 DB Snatch 50/35

LIII: as Rxd LII/LI: Regular Pull-ups, banded pull-ups or ring rows as appropriate.Scale DB weight as needed



Have fun!