Ryan Katz PVCF's COO/ Hadley's Facilities Manager. IMG_7477

Ryan stopped into PVCF for a trial class in 2010 and never left. Today, Ryan is a coach at PVCF, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and has recently completed the CFL2 course. He loves the CrossFit class structure, the workouts and sees CrossFit as a way to develop determination and mental fortitude. Ryan’s personal training philosophy demands that the athlete be well rounded. He believes that working out is not enough, and that nutrition, hydration and sleep play pivotal roles both in the gym and in daily life. He loves walking through the door at PVCF every morning and the unique social environment that CrossFit creates puts a smile on his face. Ryan feels rewarded every time he sees normal people accomplish extraordinary things. Ryan loves powerlifting and can be seen picking up very heavy things on a regular basis. If you're interested in Personal Training with Ryan, click here to buy a session.

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