1. Shoulder stability: Band pull-aparts 3 x 10 2. September mobilizations: - Banded overhead distractions - Lacrosse ball smash and floss - Single-leg flexion w/ external rotation bias - Super couch stretch

Two minutes/side/mobilization.

3. Technique review: the thruster

4. "There Is Power in a Union"

IWW Every minute on the minute for ten minutes: 6 Thrusters 8 Pull-ups

Competitors: thrusters @ 115/83lbs CrossFitters: thrusters @ 95/65lbs Novices: 4 thrusters, 6 ring rows, scale thruster as appropriate

If you can no longer go "on the minute", continue as an AMRAP until 10 minutes has passed.

Have fun!

REMINDER: MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY SCHEDULE! One WOD in Northampton at 9am. One WOD in Hadley at 10:30am. On-Ramp is as per usual at 6pm in Noho.