PVCF athlete, Erica Kane has been with us for two and a half months! Here she is stabilizing at the top of her thruster and exhaling before her next rep. Great work, Erica!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Two rounds: 3 scapular pull-ups, 3 strict pull-ups, 3 kipping pull-ups. 3 down dog push-ups, 3 pike push-ups from box, 3 handstand push-ups. 3 hanging leg raise, 3 stict toes-to-bar, 3 kipping toes-to-bar. 3 hands-up wall squats, 3 elbows-up wall squats, 3 hands overhead wall squats. If the advanced element is too challenging, repeat the version you can perform correctly. (10 min) 2. Back Squat

  • 5-5-5.

Repeat your first three sets from Week 1 of this cycle. DO NOT MAX OUT. (10 min)

3. “Miranda” Five rounds for time of:

  • Row 250m
  • 30 Overhead walking lunges (alternating)

Work in teams of two if necessary.

LIII: 45/25lbs bumper held overhead LII: bumper as appropriate LI: three rounds, row 250m and walking lunges

(13 min cut-off)

4. Cash-out:

  • 2 x 1:00 Side Plank (right/left)
  • 2 x 14-20 L-sit knee extensions

5. Mobility:

  • Couch stretch 2:00 per side
  • Glute smash

Have fun!