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Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work


1. Warm-up A: 100 double-unders


2. Warm-up D: Two rounds of the Standard CF Warm-up @ 10-15 reps: Samson stretch, overhead squats, GHD sit-ups (sub: butterfly sit-ups), back extensions (sub: good mornings), pull-ups and dips


3. Push Press

  • 3-3-3-2-2-2

 Six sets to work up to the heaviest double you can handle today. Try to make your heavy triple from last time your first double today.


4. “Pretty Basic”

  • 400m farmer’s carry
  • 6 lunges

For every time you put down your load you will do 6 lunges at the END of completing the 400m carry. Score is total time to completion, including lunges.


Ten minute cut-off.


LIII: FC 70/53, weighted lunges w/ 40-50% of FC load

LII: FC load as desired, unweighted lunges

LI: FC load as desired


Have fun!