Congratulations Kelly S. (left) on her first pull-ups! Read more below:

"Last year, I would have said you were out of your mind that I would be participating in the Open. During 15.2, I not only got 1 kipping chin-up, I got 2!***It was the first time I was able to do something like that since I was 11 years old!  I'm beyond thrilled about this accomplishment and also what I have achieved in the past year.  I have finished my second open workout. I am incredibly thankful to the PVCF Community for absolutely EVERYTHING and I am so excited to see where the rest of 2015 will take us! ***I solemnly promise to continue to work on my strict pull-ups and chin-ups, Ayn, Liz, Perrin and Sean!"

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.


1. Warm-up E: Reverse lunges x 5/side, 10 strict toes-to-bar, single-leg Romanian deadlifts x 5/side, kick up to hand stand x 5, 10 kip swings. Then two rounds of pistols x 5/side, kipping toes-to-bar x 10, contralateral dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlifts x 5/side, 10 headstand push-ups, 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups


2. "Snagglepuss"

Three rounds for time of

  • 21 Kettlebell swings
  • 21 Burpees
  • 21 Pull-ups


LIII: 70/55lbs kb

LII: 55/35lbs kb

LI: scale volume to 15 reps/exercise, and weight of kb as appropriate.


With time remaining, March mobilizations:

  1. Banded Hip Extension (p. 329)
  2. Posterior Chain Floss (p. 351)
  3. Anterior Compartment Smash (p. 264)
  4. Overhead Tissue Smash (option 1) (p. 255)


Have fun!