Seth B. and Ayn T.! Synchronized muscle ups!

Be sure to do your 10 minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.


1. Technique review/movement screen: 3 positions of the overhead squat.


2. Deliberate practice: 3 positions of the overhead squat w/ “five in the hole”


3. “Roberto Duran Duran”

  • Overhead squat 3-2-1-3-2-1-3-2-1
  • Weighted pull-ups 3-2-1-3-2-1-3-2-1
  • Double-unders 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10.

This work is not for time.

LIII: Overhead squats @ 80-85%. Weighted pull-up as appropriate. If you don’t go unbroken on double-unders, do 5 burpees for every miss (e.g., if it take you 3 attempts to get 50 double-unders, do 15 burpees after your set)

LII: OHS (or front squats, as appropriate) @ 75-80%. Weighted pull-ups, strict pull-ups, or piked ring rows as appropriate. If your DU are still developing, one minute practice per round.

LI: OHS or front squat to a challenging triple, then repeat for two more sets. 5 x 10 pull-ups, 5 x 2 min double-under practice.

With time remaining, March mobilizations.

Have fun!