Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Kelly Starrett’s three-level air squat test (if you’re playing along at home, it’s described on pages 77-78 of “Becoming a Supple Leopard”). Pay close attention to your positions. Are they improving? If not, what are you going to do about it? Ask your instructors for mobilizations to address your specific issues.

2. Strength Cycle Week 9, Day A11 Back squat 3 x 5. Add 10/5lbs to last Wednesday’s weight. Press 3 x 5. Add 5/2.5lbs to last Wednesday’s weight. Superset a set of 5-10 strict chin-ups after every set. If you don’t have strict chin-ups, try piked ring rows as a scale.

3. "Reebok CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.1" AMRAP 7 Burpees

This workout begins from a standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Don't get sloppy. Score is total reps completed.

LIII and LII: as rx'd LI: 30 burpees

From "By the Numbers: The PVCF Method for Teaching Constantly Varied Functional Movements Executed at High Intensity":

"The burpee can be performed well, or poorly. We are sworn enemies of the sloppy, sprawl-out-and-lurch-back-up-to-your-feet-as-fast-as-you-can burpee that is all too common in our community. Executed correctly, the burpee blends the squat, push-up, and jump into a seamless whole, and we believe the only burpee worth training is the one that preserves these elements in recognizable form."

Teaching the Burpee

And don't forget, this Wednesday...