sarahandamySarah and Amy

1. Kettlebell arm-bar, 5 x 5 sec/side

2. Banded hip extension, 2 min/side

3. EMOM 20, 1 Turkish get-up. Take your time and do it right!

4. "Ray Kurzweil" For time: 10 Kettlebell swings 30 sec static hip flexion 20 Kettlebell swings 25 sec static hip flexion 30 Kettlebell swings 20 sec static hip flexion 40 Kettlebell swings 15 sec static hip flexion 50 Kettlebell swings 10 sec static hip flexion

Use as many sets as necessary to accrue assigned time in static hip flexion. Time yourself and be honest!

LIII: 70/53lbs kettlebell swung American-style, L-sits w/ feet over 4/3 45lbs bumpers LII: 53/25lbs kettlebell swung American or Russian-style, L or tuck sits LI: 5-10-15-20 Russian kettlebell swings and butterfly sit-ups

Have fun!