julytotal_thumbGroup shot from Sunday's CrossFit Total

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Two rounds of deliberate practice: Choose one single-leg squat exercise: reverse lunge, pistol from box (free leg vertical), pistol from box (free leg extended), pistol. If you can demonstrate five reps in good form at one exercise, move up in complexity. If you're working at top level complexity, strive for virtuosity: idealized form, slow and controlled execution. Work for three minutes, or until you tire.

Choose one push from object exercise: parallette dip, box dip, dip, ring dips. Instructions as above.

2. Banded overhead distraction x 2 min/side.

3. "Crossfit.com WOD 020723" AMRAP 30 10 Bench press 1 Rope climb

LIII: bench press @ 1/2 body weight, legless rope climbs (Noho: from seated on floor) LII: bench press @ 1/2 body weight, or 50% of bench 1RM, standard rope climbs or plank climb as appropriate LI: five rounds of 10 bench press and 10 ring rows

Have fun!