1. 8 minutes to complete 30-40 strict chin-ups (or piked ring rows or ring rows). Partition sets and reps as desired. 2. Start warming up for snatch complex with positional drills: "1! Go!", "Hang 4, Go!", etc. (7 min)

2. Snatch complex

LIII: power snatch, hang snatch, snatch LII: muscle or power snatch, muscle or power snatch from the mid-hang (Position 3), muscle or power snatch + overhead squat. Fifteen minutes to find the heaviest weight you can handle in good form.

3. Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1

LIII and LII: Warm up, and then five attempts to find the heaviest single you can move today. Fifteen minutes. LI: 5 x 5. Find a moderately challenging set of five and then repeat for a total of five sets.

4. "Rabbit Redux" 6 x 200m run

Rest one minute between efforts. Score is time to completion. Fifteen minute cut-off.

LIII and LII: as rx'd. LI: 4 x 200m, rest as necessary between efforts.

Have fun!