Fitness Forever 2017 announcement!

We hope everyone’s New Year is starting off as planned and that we are taking those steps forward to optimum health and wellness for 2017 and beyond!

Registration will roll through Wednesday of this week, January 18th.

(Students who are returning can register upon arrival) Entry Fee – 30$ per Registration Challenge Dates: January 16th – February 13th
HOW TO REGISTER: Click HERE!  email with any questions
WHAT YOUR ENTRY GETS YOU: A Challenge T-Shirt, A Challenge specific and designed Log-Book (to be picked up in gym) Entry into Prize Pool
5 TOTAL CASH PRIZES FOR: Total body measurement change (Male and Female winner!) Highest performance change on 2 Challenge WODS (Male and Female winner!) Highest Challenge Point Total (One overall winner!)
NEW POINT SYSTEM: For the entirety of the 30 days you will be keeping a running point total in your Challenge Log-Book to be reviewed by Staff Member at the end of the challenge. (point structure is subject to change all the way up till the start of the challenge) *1 point awarded for each daily nutrition log entry (simply nutrition notes on a day to day basis) *1 point awarded for 7+ hours of sleep recorded per day (Can be accrued throughout a 24 hour period. We understand there are parents and night shift workers out there!) *1 point awarded for each day of consuming 64+ ounces of water *1 point awarded for consuming daily fish oil or OMEGA-3 supplement *1 point awarded for each WOD entry *1 point awarded for each mobility class attended/ :20 min targeted mobility session *Pre-requisites: -Pre comp measurements -Pre comp benchmark workout performance – Pre comp specific quantifiable goals (At least one monthly goal and one daily goal throughout the 30 days) *Final requirements: -Post comp measurements -Post comp benchmark workout performance -Turned in scored Challenge Log-Book
IMPORTANT INFO! We have decided it is more appropriate to test body measurements! One major reason is that measurements can be done in the comfort of the gym or even in your own home, or with a buddy! Body fat % can still be a 30 day goal of yours and you may email to get information on how to get your bf% tested. Remember, you goals do not need to be specifically nutrition based if there are other areas of your lifestyle that you are trying to improve. Ex: “Meditate for 15 minutes 3 days per week” This challenge is accessible to everyone!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. 3 rounds of: 3 Snatch Deadlift 3 Snatch Pull 3 Snatch High Pull 3 Muscle Snatch 3 Overhead Squat 3 Power Snatch (10 min)

2. Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

  • 5x 2+2


LIII:@70-72-75-78-80% of 1RM Snatch LII: Add 5% to your weights from last week and hold for 5 total sets of 2+2. Goal is no misses and good form so adjust weights as needed.If you were not here last week work up to a moderate weight with good form and hold for 5 total sets. (20 min)

3. Fitness Forever Challenge WOD #1: Crossfit Open WOD 12.1 AMRAP 7

  • Burpees

LIII: to target 6” above reach LII: as rx’d or scale burpees to box as needed LI: every minute on the minute for 7 minutes do 5-7 burpees. Rest the remaining part of each minute.

4. Cash-out: EMOM 5

  • 5 Strict Chin-ups

LIII: weighted LII: as rxd, scale volume as needed or 1 chin-up negative per minute. Do piked ring row negative as appropriate. LI: 5 supinated ring rows@3010 tempo

Have fun!