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“Best Personal Trainer”: Mael W., PVCF

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“Best Group Fitness Training Center”

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Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1.EOMOM 10:

  • Even: Turkish get-up x 2 (alternate sides per minute)
  • Odd: 3 Inchworms, reach out as far as possible each rep, keep legs straight

2. Run Prep

3. “Helen’s Tra-vest-y”

  • AMRAP :60 10m shuttle runs
  • AMRAP :60 Kettlebell swings
  • AMRAP :60 Pull-ups
  • Rest one minute.

Repeat for a total of four rounds.

Score is total number of runs, swings, and pull-ups. LIII: 53/35lbs kettlebell swing American-style LII: as above, scale load, swing, and pull-up as necessary LI: three rounds and 8 runs with special attention to turns and running form, 10 russian style kbs, and 10 ring rows.

4. “Goat Work”: Spend the remaining time working on skill work or a “goat." If you are too new to know your goats, practice Double Unders!

Have fun!