dredDre D.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Competitors and CrossFitters do four rounds w/ empty barbell of snatch push press x 3, overhead squat x 3, snatch balance x 3, tall muscle snatch x 3, snatch pull-unders x 3, 3 position snatch. (5 min)

2. Novices: technique review of muscle snatch and power snatch (10 min).

3. Snatch day.

Competitors: Snatch complex - snatch deadlift, high-hang power snatch, hang snatch, OH squat x 3. Ten rounds, go up in weight each round.

CrossFitters and Novices: muscle, power, or full snatch as directed by instructor, 10 x 2.

4. "I Am a Scientist" Row 4 minutes for max calories AMRAP 4 of double-unders AMRAP 4 of muscle-ups

Competitors and CrossFitters: as rx'd

Heats start every five minutes. Record cal/DU/MU. If you don’t have muscle-ups, do pull-ups.

Novices: 4 min row, 3 min double-under practice, 2 min pull-ups or ring rows.

Have fun!