kristingKristin G. took fifth place at this weekend's Beat the Heat Throwdown at Yankee CrossFit. Congratulations, Kristin! Your hard work is really paying off!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Every other minute on the minute for twenty minutes:

2 Bench press, immediately followed by 3 strict pull-ups

Competitors: bench press @ 85%1RM, pull-ups chest-to-bar

CrossFitters: bench press @ 70-80%, chin-over-bar pull-ups

Novices: bench 3 x 5 sets across, superset with three jump to negative pull-ups (1 sec pull at bottom position, jump to hold chin over bar 1 sec, then 3 sec descent)

Work in teams of two, one athlete going on odd minutes, the other working on the even.

2. "Jackie" Competitors and CrossFitters: Row 1000m, 50 thrusters (45/33lbs), 30 pull-ups

Novices: Row 500m, 4 x 10 thrusters, 3 x 10 pull-ups, resting 30 sec between sets.

Heats of "Jackie" will start every five minutes. This one's for the leader board. Have fun!


With summer drawing to a close, it's time for our Hadley gym to switch back to its regular evening schedule of four classes per evening. After taking a poll, we've decided on the following times, to start Monday, September 2nd:

3:50pm 5:00pm 6:10pm 7:20pm

Thanks for your cooperation!