What better way to bring some sunshine on Sunday's rainy morning...then to practice the snatch? Thank you, Coach Dan for a fabulous seminar!

Here's PVCF athlete, Tim Allen nailing some of the warm-up drills!

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1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up. (15 min)

2. Technique review: movement standards for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. (5 min)

3. Warm movements for WOD (5 min)

4. "Barbara" For time:

  • 20 Pull-ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Sit-ups

50 Squats

Rest exactly three and minutes and then repeat for a total of five rounds. Score is time to completion. Record your splits for each round to see how performance sustains or degrades. LIII: as rx'd, capped at 27:00 LII will do "PVCF Testing Barbara":

AMRAP in 30 seconds of pull-ups. If you complete 20, move on to... AMRAP in 40 seconds of push-ups. If you complete 30, move on to... AMRAP in 50 seconds of sit-ups. If you complete 40, move on to... AMRAP in 60 seconds of squats. If you complete 50, stop.

Rest for three minutes and repeat for a total of five rounds. Record your reps for each exercise, every round. LI: three rounds not for time of 10 pull-ups (scaled as appropriate), 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 20 squats.

Have fun!