Kevin McGrath!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Front squats 5-4-3-2-1. Work your way up to the heaviest single you can handle today.

2. Technique review: 5 positions of the thruster.

3. WOD practice: 21-15-9 Thrusters.

Rest one minute between sets. To figure out a goal weight, answer this question: which benchmark WOD features 21-15-9 thrusters?

4. "Tabata Transcendence"

A Tabata mash-up of:

  • Tabata sit-ups
  • Tabata push-ups

16 intervals of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest, alternating exercises on each interval. (8 min)

LIII: as rx’d

LII: Push Away from Object (horizontal) exercise as appropriate

LI: 8 rounds not for time of 5 sit-ups, 5 push-ups

Have fun!