jeffrJeff R.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

Week 4 is a deload week. You only do your warm-up sets from the previous three weeks. Do not “rep out” on the last set.

1. Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5 (40-50-60% of your W1RM) (10 min) Press 5-5-5 (40-50-60% of your W1RM) (10 min)

3. Finisher: Four rounds for time of 10 Muscle clean and strict press (use your press 60% weight) 10 Sit-ups (GHD sit-ups or tuck crunches)

If last week you finished all four rounds of ten unbroken, this week add 5lbs.

4. Optional cash-out: Four rounds not for time of 10 Alternating dumbbell biceps curls 10 Cossack squats (5/side alternating)

Have fun!

ATTENTION LURONG PALEO CHALLENGERS: After consulting with my fellow instructors, I've concluded that this week'd Lurong WOD (the "Uphill Finisher") is unworkable during class time. If you need to do the Uphill Finisher, you're welcome to get 'er done during open gym on Saturday (Hadley) or Sunday (Northampton). Thanks!