acoachmael In a huge class, the smallest adjustments keeps everyone moving well and having fun. Here's Coach Mael sharing some of his talent and warmth.



Hadley is closed on Friday.

In Northampton:

  • 9 am WOD Noho
  • 10 am Mobility Class Noho
  • 10 am -noon Open Gym Noho
  • 5:30 pm WOD Noho
  • 5 pm-7pm Open Gym Noho
  • 6 pm On-Ramp Noho

(No Oly class this week. Lifters may come in during Open Gym to continue their programs. No free consultations this week for the holiday.)


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. OH Banded Distraction 2min/side

2. Warm-up F: three rounds, including 5 reps of dip/drive therapy on wall per round


3. Push Press

  • 2-2-2-1-1-1

Six sets to work up to the heaviest single you can handle today. Try to make your heavy double from last time your first single today.

4. “Fibber McGee and Molly”


  • 12 Box jumps 24/20”
  • 10 Push press (use 50% of your 1RM)
  • 8 Toes-to-bar


LIII: as rx’d

LII:  straight leg raises or toes to ceiling as appropriate, scale box jump as needed

LI: four rounds not for time of 10 box jumps, 10 push press, 10 supine leg raise.


5. Cash out:

3-4 rounds of:

  • 5/side pistols @3011 (add light-moderate weight if you are efficient at rxd pistols)
  • 5 back extensions @5151 (sub :40s superman hold)

Have fun