REMEMBER, ONE WOD TODAY: 9am in HADLEY. Northampton gym is closed. 1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.

2. "American Badass" In teams of six, 444 Burpees 444 Russian-style kettlebell swings 444 Thrusters 444 Pull-ups

This is a team chipper, and works out to 74 reps of each movement per athlete. Athlete A runs 200m as a timer, as B does burpees on the front lawn. C is resting. Inside, D is doing kettlebell swings, E is doing thrusters, and F is doing pull-ups. When A completes his two loops around the building, he takes B's place, and picks up exactly where B left off. B rests. C runs inside to take over kettlebell swings, D moves to thrusters, E jumps up on the pull-up bar, and F heads out on the run. Given that it's unlikely that every team of six will have athletes of exactly the same ability, two barbells and two kettlebells per team are permitted.

LIII: 70/53lbs swings, 95/65lbs thrusters LII: 53/35lbs swings, 75/53lbs thrusters LI: scale as appropriate

Have fun, and God bless America!