PVCF is proud to kick off our 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Challenge! We created this Challenge with your best interest in mind. You get to choose your own goals, and what food plan aligns with your needs.

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Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Deliberate practice:

Your choice of ground-to-shoulder exercise: muscle clean, power clean, power clean + front squat, clean (5 min)

Your choice of shoulder-to-overhead exercise: press, push press, push jerk, split jerk. (3 min)

Marry your choice of ground-to-shoulder with your shoulder-to-overhead to work your version of the clean & jerk (7 min)

2. Take 20 minutes to work up to a 1RM C&J. Not necessarily a PR, just the heaviest weight you can move during class.

Level III: squat clean and split jerk.

Level II: power clean and push jerk. If you are progressing toward the full clean, push jerk + front squat.

Level I will practice the muscle clean and strict press.

4. "Grace"

Level III: 30 Clean & jerks (135/95lbs) for time. Cut-off is four minutes. Penalty of one burpee for every second over 4:00.

Level II: "Training Grace" AMRAP in 4 minutes of clean and jerks. If you get to 30, record time. Use 60-70% of your heaviest c&j single.

Level I: 6x5 muscle clean and press @ 50%

This is a time-delimited version of the benchmark WOD "Grace." Traditionally, "Grace" is done "ground-to-overhead anyhow"--that is, power cleans and push jerks.Your goal is 30 reps. Despite the rapid pace, this is NOT going to be a flail-a-thon! Concentrate on hitting the various positions we drill: hang, extend, pockets, and a solid 1/4 squat receiving position.