Without a doubt, let's take a moment to shine the PVCF spotlight on PVCF athlete, Trey Wilson!

Thursday marks his ONE YEAR anniversary with us, and what a spectacular year it's been. Trey's commitment to health and excellence is truly exemplary! We love you, Trey!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Three rounds not for time of 10 goblet squats, 10 single leg RDLs, 10 kip swings or scap pull-ups, 10 tuck crunches or butterfly sit-ups (12 min)

2. Set up and work your way through a several reps at each station (10 min)

3. “The Protégé” 4 rounds of:

  • AMRAP 1 Box jumps 24/20”
  • AMRAP 1 Calorie Row
  • AMRAP 1 Double Unders
  • AMRAP 1 Toes to bar
  • Rest 2 minutes

Athletes can start at different stations. Score is total box jumps/cals/du/toes to bar. (22 min) LIII: as rxd LII: sub toes to ceiling or Straight leg raise as needed. Double under practice. LI: 3-4 rounds of AMRAP :30, Rest :30 for each exercise , sub step ups if needed. Double under practice.

4. Mobilize:

  • Calf Smash 2:00/side
  • Lat Smash

Have fun!



Did you know? 1980s fashion was so much more than big hair, bright make-up and spandex! The 1980s challenged ideas of sexuality, gender, and nationalism! Dive just a bit deeper and you'll find Tomboy chic, Japanese structuralism and Fairy-kei which brought accessories from My Little Pony, or Strawberry Shortcake characters, underwear as outer wear (Madonna), Androgyny (Annie Lenox, Boy George, David Bowie and Grace Jones), Afrocentrism, Punk (including London punk!), Hip hop dominating and redefining streetwear and sexuality (Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, N.W.A., A Tribe Called Quest, Salt-N-Pepa, Slick Rick and Eric B. & Rakim, Trinidad James to name a few;), as well as the "well-known" krimped hair and leg-warmer Cyndi Lauper. So while you plan out your outfits, don't limit yourself! <3 See you on December 9th!

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