Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Warm-up A: 100 double-unders

2. Warm-up B: Practice kick-ups, handstands (or planks), wall walks (or inchworms), shoulder taps and handstand walking for ten minutes.

3. "Ramon Dekkers" AMRAP 30: Row 250m 20 Walking lunges 15 Sit-ups 5 Strict chin-ups Rest one minute

If necessary, work in teams of two, chasing each other through the WOD.

LIII: GHD sit-ups LII: weighted sit-ups. Banded pull-ups (no kipping!) are okay today. LI: five rounds NFT of row 250m, 10 walking lunges, 10 sit-ups, 8 ring rows

4. With time remaining, mobilize. Have fun!

PVCF HADLEY WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 16th. We're all heading down to Hartford to cheer on our competitor team. You should come with!