Here's PVCF athlete, Mukunda Feldman checking the clock during "Karen" at the 4.15 class! It's the longest and shortest 7 minutes to get 150 wallballs in!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up E: Reverse lunges x 5/side, 10 strict toes-to-bar, single-leg Romanian deadlifts x 5/side, kick up to hand stand x 5, 10 kip swings. Then two rounds of pistols x 5/side, kipping toes-to-bar x 10, contralateral dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlifts x 5/side, 10 headstand push-ups, 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

2. “Meereen”

150 Double Unders 35 Toes to Bar 15 Push Jerk 155/108 Row 1500m 15 Push Jerk 155/108 35 Toes to Bar 150 Double Unders

(30 minute cut-off)

LIII:as rx’d LII: Scale Push Jerk weight as appropriate. Practice Double unders for 3 minutes each time. Sub straight leg raise or toes to ceiling for toes to bar as appropriate. LI: 3 minute Double under-practice 20 Toes to Ceiling 10 Push Press 800m Row 10 Push Press 20 Toes to Ceiling 3 minute Double under practice

3. Mobility:

Calf Smash 2:00/side Lat Smash 2:00/side Have fun!