claire A great day of heavy snatches all around! Here's Claire nailing 73#!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up B: three rounds of the parallette complex @ 5 reps plus 10 kip swings. Accrue one minute of L-sit in three 20 second efforts. If you don’t have strong push-ups, stay off the parallettes and do 10 strict push-ups per round, using assistance as required. (10 min)

2. Weighted pull-up

  • 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1

*find your current 1RM for the strength cycle

If you don’t have pull-ups yet, do the following:

“Ayn’s Pull-up Program (Week 1, Day A)”

3 sets of:

  • 10-15 Ring Rows (constantly progressing towards being horizontal)
  • 10-15 Bicep Curls (each arm)
  • 10-15 Pushups (as little assistance as possible)

* The Weighted pull-ups and Ayn’s Pull-up Program are part of the upcoming strength cycle. If you are looking to improve your pull-up capacity or wanting to gain the strength for your first pull-ups, don’t miss these days and make sure to hit them hard!

(15 min) Then, if you’re not totalling tomorrow:

3. “Damage, Inc.” Four rounds for time of:

  • Row 500m
  • 25 Burpees


Mobilizations for March. Rest up! Tomorrow’s the big day!

Notes on Saturday's Total: Please arrive at 9.00 to begin your warm-ups. The whole process takes 1-1.5 hours and is a lot of fun--expect a lot of cheering and high-fives. This Total kicks off a new 12 week strength cycle that will focus on the front squat, weighted pull-up, deadlift, and bench press.

Have fun!