cc PVCF star, CC looking solid with her heavy overhead squat!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Deadlift 5-5-5+ (20 min) 2. Press 5-5-5+ (20 min)

If you know your one-rep max for these movements, multiply it x .9 to find your Wendler working 1RM (1RM x .9 = W1RM). Warm up with the following percentages of your W1RM: 40% x 5, 50% x 5, 60% x 3. Your work sets are also a percentage of your W1RM. Today we do 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+ (get five reps, then continue to get as many reps as you can; stop at 10). If you don’t know your 1RM, do six sets of five reps to determine a five rep max (5RM), and then apply the following formula to determin an estimated 1RM (E1RM) you can use going forward:

weight x reps x .0333 + weight = E1RM.

For next week, take 90% of your E1RM to determine your W1RM.

3. “Coffee is for Coaches!” Four rounds for time of 10 Muscle clean and strict press (use your press 60% weight) 10 Sit-ups

LIII: GHD Sit-ups LII: GHD sit-ups or weighted sit-ups LI: butterfly sit-ups

4. Optional cash-out: Four rounds not for time of 10 Alternating dumbbell biceps curls 10 Cossack squats (5/side alternating)

Have fun!