Recently a transgendered woman named Chloie Jonsson filed a lawsuit against CrossFit, Inc., because CrossFit HQ wouldn't allow her to register as a female athlete in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. Jonsson completed her sex-reassignment in 2006, has continued hormone treatment until the present day, and is legally recognized as a woman by the State of California. We believe that CrossFit HQ's refusal to allow her to compete against cisgendered women is based on specious reasoning and a faulty understanding of endocrinology. There was a precedent that could and should have influenced their decision the other way; both the IOC and the NCAA have modified their rules to allow transgendered athletes to participate.

As an affiliate, we at PVCF have no direct influence over the decisions made by HQ. We are an independent gym that pays a licensing fee for the use of the name "CrossFit", and that is the extent of our business dealings.

But we love CrossFit and are proud to be part of the CrossFit community. That's why we're asking CFHQ to reconsider their decision and allow Chloie to compete in the Open in the category of her choice. Science is on Chloie's side, and history will be, too. CFHQ should take a stand for inclusion, acceptance, and the most profound liberty--the freedom to embody our truest self. Let Chloie into the Open!