If you've been eating Paleo and feel like your progress has stalled, portion control is the next step. Barry Sears's Zone Diet, far from being any radical crash diet, recommends a 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat balance of macronutrients, with the amount of food determined by one's build and activity level. Here is a great introduction to the Zone Diet:


And here's a calculator to help you figure out your Zone blocks: http://www.dbhonline.com/zoneful/p_calculator.htm

No idea what your body fat percentage is? Here's some photo reference: http://team4orce.com/blog/body-fat-pictures-and-percentages/

The Zone Diet has always been Greg Glassman's prescription of choice for his clients. In recent years fashion has moved away from the Zone toward a preoccupation with food quality (Paleo), but I think for many people, portion control is the missing link to achieving their body recomp goals.