johnstrongJohn S.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up B: three rounds of the parallette complex @ 5 reps plus 10 air squats. Accrue one minute of L-sit in three 20 second efforts.

If you don't have strong push-ups, stay off the parallettes and do 10 strict push-ups per round, using assistance as required. (10 min)

2. Level III and Level II: clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Work your way up to the heaviest weight you can do today in good form. Squat clean or power clean as appropriate.

Level I: review the muscle clean and then add weight, working up to a challenging triple.

3. "Elizabeth"

Level III: 21-15-9 reps for time of cleans (135/95lbs) and ring dips. Penalty of one burpee for every second over 9 minutes (50 max).

Level IIwill do "Training Elizabeth". AMRAP 2 cleans (if you get to 21 before time is up, move on to dips) AMRAP 2 dips (if you get to 21 before time is up, move on to cleans) AMRAP 90s cleans (to 15, etc.) AMRAP 90s dips (to 15) AMRAP 1 cleans (to 9) AMRAP 1 dips (to 9)

Using 50% of today's heaviest clean variant. Muscle, power, or squat clean plus front squat. Completing 21-15-9 reps of both cleans and dips within this time frame will give you a sub 9:00 "Elizabeth"--not too shabby!

Level I will NOT work against the clock. Instead, using your 80% of your triple weight, do 15-10-5 muscle cleans and dips, broken up like this: 5 x 3 muscle clean, 3 x 5 dips, 2 x 3, 2 x 2 muscle cleans, 2 x 5 dips, 2 x 2, 1 x 1 muscle cleans, 1 x 5 dips, rest as necessary between sets.

Have fun!