katrinabKatrina B.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up A: 100 double-unders

2. Competitors and CrossFitters do four rounds w/ empty barbell of snatch push press x 3, overhead squat x 3, snatch balance x 3, tall muscle snatch x 3, snatch pull-unders x 3, 3 position snatch. (5 min) Novices: technique review of muscle snatch and power snatch (10 min).

3. Snatch day.

Competitors: Snatch complex - snatch deadlift, high-hang power snatch, hang snatch, OH squat x 3. Ten rounds, go up in weight each round.

CrossFitters and Novices: muscle, power, or full snatch as directed by instructor, 10 x 2.

4. Back squat 21-15-9. Rest one minute between sets. Your goal is three unbroken sets. If you have no idea what you can handle, start with the empty barbell. If you can’t get all reps for a given round, record your numbers and repeat at the same weight the next time this accessory work comes up until you beat it.

5. Four rounds not for time: 10 Russian kettlebell swings (HEAVY) 10 Pistols (alternating) 10 Supine dumbbell triceps extensions (each arm)

ATTENTION: All classes Thursday are subject to cancellation one hour prior to class time if weather is severe. We shall send out email updates as we are able. Please check our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Pioneer.Valley.CrossFit) as well as our main site before driving to class. Stay warm! Stay safe!