“Bring a Buddy Day!” Each Member who brings a Non-Member “Buddy” to class today will be entered to win a Prize!


1. Review as a Group the Elements of the Pre-Class Dynamic Warm-up. (10 min)

2. Technique Review: Rowing on the C2 Erg, the Butterfly Sit-up (10 min)

3. Run Prep: Toy Soldiers, Walking Lunges, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Knee Grabs, Cariocas, Leg Swings, Ankle Mob (5 min)

3. “Bosom Buddies”
In teams of 2
2 Rounds of:
Run 400m
Max Calorie Row
Rest 3 minutes
Run 400m
Max Butterfly Sit-ups
Rest 3 minutes

One athlete works at a time while the other athlete rests. Start at different AMRAPs if you need to share Rowers.

LIII/LII: as Rx’d
LI: 2 rounds of:
Run 400-200m
Row 12 Calories (or stop at 3 minute mark)
Rest 3 minutes (or until the start of next AMRAP)
Run 400-200m
12-20 Butterfly Sit-ups (or stop at the end of the 3 minute mark)

⭐Remember to enter your workout results in the comment section on the website each day to be entered to win a prize! Everyone who checks in to class 3 days or more this week will also be entered to win!

Have fun!