Get faster and stronger in 12 weeks. While it snows outside, bring a little bit of Summer into your training!

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The Rowing Program can be done in conjunction with your CrossFit classes.


Information on Pioneer Valley CrossFit's Winter Rowing Program!

Start Date: 11/28   End Date: 2/24 (Crash B's on 25th)

Training Days: Tuesday and Thursday@ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm and Saturday @ 10:15 am  (Location: Northampton Room B)

PVCF Members: $150 for 12 Weeks

Non-Members: $300 for 12 Weeks


What to expect during the Winter RowinG program

Plan on getting faster and stronger with Coach Liz this Winter! She is ready to help you improve your 2k and 500m sprint times. In her own words, "focusing on the 500m sprint will allow for some fun, short, and intense workouts!"  In addition, Coach Liz will help you master rowing mechanics and maximize the machine of the ergometer. She will help you learn the tools of the damper setting and drag factor, and teach you how to translate calories to meters. These skills will be game changers during all of your workouts! 

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