Fix Your Lower Back Pain with Dr. Mike Simmons MD


Saturday October 5th 12:30pm

Dr. Mike Simmons, ER physician and Fitness Prescribed Coach at Pioneer Valley CrossFit, will lead a One Day workshop to talk about strategies for self assessment of your back pain, the path to a pain free life and exercises to help you achieve your goal. This event is open to the public.

Your back hurts and all you want to know, is what’s wrong. If something hurts this bad it’s serious, right? You’ve tried everything: Physical therapy, pain relievers, chiropractic, yoga. It seems your only hope is the spine surgeon, he’ll cut the pain out. So, you have surgery and maybe you’re better, or maybe you’re not…maybe you’re worse.

Back pain is not a life sentence. It is not in your head. Surgery is not the only solution. By informing yourself and taking an active interest in your own rehabilitation you can return to a normal life. You can become the hero of your story. You can take back control of your life.

What will the workshop cover?

  1. You will learn how the back functions with a brief lesson in anatomy and function. This will help you understand what is making your back hurt and how to develop strategies to avoid your pain triggers.

  2. We will show you how to find what positions and movements trigger your back pain and work around strategies for avoiding the cycle of pain, poor movement, inflammation and more pain.

  3. You will practice and learn the “big three” exercises. They will help you stabilize your core and avoid the spinal movements that cause injury, pain and disability.

The Low Back Fix Workshop will be held at Pioneer Valley CrossFit

375 South St. Northampton, MA 01060

This event is Open to the public!

For more information email