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Certifications - Level 2
Years doing Crossfit -  7 years
Year started Coaching - 2013
Sport/Fitness History - 3 sport varsity athlete in high school ( volleyball, basketball, softball) Played softball through college at Emmanuel College (D3) as a catcher. I've run a few 1/2 marathons, done several olympic lifting competitions, several crossfit competitions
Specialties as a Coach - barbell movements/ gymnastics movements
Type of Clients you are interested in/Movements you like to teach - I can really only take clients that are looking for a one or two time skill sessions
What do you love about coaching- I feel like it’s my way to make a difference. I’m never going to solve world hunger or cure cancer but I feel like this is something that I can do to make a difference in people’s lives. I love coaching for the moments when someone comes up to me to tell me they would have never jumped on that box if I wasn’t there, or that they never would have thought they could have done a pull-up. I love seeing that growth both physically and mentally.